How to nail your corporate events production

How to nail your corporate events production

When it comes to successful corporate events production, there are certain things that you absolutely need to get right. Pleasing clients and their delegates is not always easy, but there are certain things you can do to get your corporate events production spot on. 

As event producers with over 28 years’ experience, here are some of our best tips to make sure your corporate event runs as smoothly as possible.

Event registration

Event producers will know that if you want to put on a successful event, organisation is key. You can have breath-taking entertainment or outstanding catering, but if it’s not properly organised, the event will soon descend into chaos, and your delegates will leave unimpressed. 

Use helpful online event registration tools that allow you to keep track of everything event-related. Tools like DelegateManager can help you to handle RSVPs, sync with guests’ calendars, send out mass emails and important push notifications and even check guests in with the touch of a button.

This not only makes for a better experience for your delegates, it also saves your team time – allowing them to put more energy into the production of the event itself. 

A properly organised event is half the battle – get this right, and the rest will follow.

Know your purpose

What’s the point of your event? You should have the answer front of mind at all stages of the event and allow it to inform important decisions. Knowing the purpose of the event – be it to communicate a company update, show appreciation for employees or generate excitement around a new product – will inform how the event will be produced.

Focussing on what you want guests to take away will allow you to be decisive about the event – will you need signage, a notable speaker, a product demonstration? What will you do to ensure your guests leave with your key take away?

It might sound simple but having a full understanding of the purpose of your event is essential if you want to please your attendees.

Get creative

Most events are about energising and engaging your audience, and the best way to do this is with creativity. Today’s audiences are looking for new experiences – they want something that they (and their peers) have never seen before and want to post about them on their social channels.

For example, we worked with a large organisation to boost employee engagement with an employee-only event. Rather than a straight-forward drinks reception, we transformed their offices into a Top-Gear style TV studio and invited international rugby stars to participate in a live debate. This exclusivity generated a buzz, and uplifted employees.

You don’t have to use celebrities to generate engagement though – be it a venue, a clever ice breaker or an out-there entertainer – look around for inspiration on how to communicate creatively at your next event.

Get tech-savvy

Technology is now available that can transform even the simplest event into a spectacular.

Using visual aids such as dynamic, high resolution screens with custom graphics can transport your audience into the world of your event.

This is particularly useful at events where there will be people giving talks and speeches. It’s getting harder to retain an audience’s attention, so having custom graphics on vibrant screens is a great way of seizing it.

Tech can also encourage interaction and participation at the event itself. For example, adaptable digital signage that reflects real-time updates and social statuses can be displayed throughout the event, helping your delegates to feel like participants instead of outside observers.

Follow up

To increase value for your clients and their audiences, extend the lifetime of your event by following up after the event itself is over. Communication doesn’t need to end with the closing address. Create a post-event intranet page with an online feedback form, or host a live twitter chat with some of the event speakers.

Commissioning a creative video or capturing photography of the event means you will have sharable assets – you can send these to all those who attended, encouraging them to share their own imagery on social media.  Not only could this generate a buzz on social, it will also leave delegates with fond memories of your event, making them much more likely to return next time and retain your key messages.

There are loads of things you can do to nail your events production – use our top tips at your next event, and we’re sure you’ll start seeing results.

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How to nail your corporate events production
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