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As experienced event professionals, at 20/20 Productions, we have developed a responsive digital signage tool to help keep audiences engaged at events and within organisations. Smoke Signal is an easy-to-use, customisable digital signage platform that makes communicating easy.

Event organisers know that making audiences feel like they’re part of an event is key to its success. Similarly, internal communications experts appreciate how keeping employees at organisations up-to-date with important changes increases their loyalty and boosts motivation. Digital signage provides the answer to the need for better communication with audiences and employees.

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To make the most of digital signage you need to consider:


Getting your message across to large audiences can be a challenge, especially if you do not have the right technology.

Whilst platforms like PowerPoint can be used on digital signage, in a situation where news or updates need to be shared in real time, or in scenarios where a screen’s content needs to be quickly updated, Smoke Signal makes the process much slicker and more efficient.

With Smoke Signal, editing no longer presents a challenge and the logistics and time constraints associated with using unsuitable digital signage platforms are no longer a problem.


Don’t risk poorly designed or glitching displays again. Get your digital signage right from the start, and create a lasting impression on your audience – make the 20/20 team your digital signage content provider of choice.

As experienced digital signage content providers, we know how to clearly communicate your message, to make sure it reaches the right people. You can easily share live updates with your audience, using relevant and engaging content specific to you. It’s easily adaptable, and you can either create displays yourself, or we can work with you to develop dynamic, attention grabbing content for your screens, and get your branding just right.


Smoke Signal is easy to edit remotely and doesn’t have to be taken offline. It’s integrated with Twitter so that you can share live updates and keep everyone in the loop and it is simple to set-up. Once it’s been loaded up, unlike outdated software, Smoke Signal can be left unmonitored for the duration of your event, or for as long as your organisation requires.

We use the most appropriate technology for your requirements

It's all about content

Our digital signage product, Smoke Signal

We’re proud to work with a whole host of fantastic clients who use our service for their events and organisations. Here’s what some clients had to say about Smoke Signal:

Smoke Signal



"20/20 really came through for us with Smoke Signal. Information was readily available for delegates throughout the venue, it was flexible when we had to make quick changes and it tied together flawlessly with the look and theme of the event. Every year we ask more of them and they always rise to the challenge!"

Lynne Dickson
Events Manager, CIPD



"Smoke Signal has been a great asset to our on-site communications, allowing us to instantly inform our delegates of changes to the agenda and displaying key messages from speakers. The platform has also aided the growth of GPCA’s followers on social media, and provided the delegates with a voice."

Cheryl Smith
Head of Operations, Reed Business International

Smoke Signal

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