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Are you in need of digital signage for your business or event? Look no further – 20/20 Productions is here to help!

We’ve created a straightforward digital signage platform called Smoke Signal that makes communicating with audiences easy. Use it at events to keep your delegates engaged, or within your business to assist with internal communications.

As experienced digital signage providers, we know how challenging getting your message across to large audiences can be. Conveying information effectively is key to keeping your delegates or teams engaged.


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Take a look at some of the key features of Smoke Signal:


Whilst platforms like PowerPoint are great ways to convey information, in scenarios where developments need to be updated in real time, they do not offer practical solutions. Editing with software like this can be a real challenge due to the logistics and time restraints involved. Additionally, slides must be monitored consistently – a time consuming task!


It’s difficult to integrate platforms like PowerPoint with social networks such as Twitter. But using networks like Twitter is a great device for keeping everyone in-the-know. At events for example, displaying regular Twitter updates is a fantastic way to connect with your audience on a different level, so using a signage platform that will easily integrate is a huge advantage.

We developed Smoke Signal to make managing your digital displays simple. We used our collective experience as event industry, internal communications and creative experts to develop an easy-to-use digital signage tool. Our unique insight is what sets us apart from other digital signage solutions companies.


Smoke Signal is a digital platform that lets you update your digital displays with ease. You can edit and make additions to your digital signage with minimal effort. You can even make amends to your displays remotely, without taking them offline. No need to risk technical difficulties or glitching signs that could leave your service looking unprofessional. Use our technology for seamless digital signage and keep your audiences in the loop with to-the-minute updates.




This reliable software doesn’t need to be constantly monitored. Simply load your displays of choice and leave it to do its thing. You can count on Smoke Signal to display messages efficiently for the duration of your event, or to the specified schedule of your organisation. This gives you peace of mind, as well as freeing up time to concentrate on other important aspects of your operations.

Our tailored technology allows you to present customised, relevant signage that will keep your audiences engaged and connected. That’s why our customers see us as one of the best digital signage companies to meet their needs.

Here’s what our clients had to say about Smoke Signal:

Smoke Signal



"20/20 really came through for us with Smoke Signal. Information was readily available for delegates throughout the venue, it was flexible when we had to make quick changes and it tied together flawlessly with the look and theme of the event. Every year we ask more of them and they always rise to the challenge!"

Lynne Dickson
Events Manager, CIPD



"Smoke Signal has been a great asset to our on-site communications, allowing us to instantly inform our delegates of changes to the agenda and displaying key messages from speakers. The platform has also aided the growth of GPCA’s followers on social media, and provided the delegates with a voice."

Cheryl Smith
Head of Operations, Reed Business International

Smoke Signal

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