An Animated Oscars

An Animated Oscars

Another Oscars, and the glitz and glam of the red carpet never fails to impress, although the same can't be said for the sub-par performance of the host – Neil Patrick Harris! That aside, as an Editor and Motion Graphics Artist it was the award winners I was most interested in.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Academy’s use of motion graphics for the titles of each award segment. I was very impressed when I first saw them and thought, “wow, those are really nice!”

Let’s take a closer look at the titles created for the ‘Best Picture Award’ and how they managed to create a nice idea that was well executed. When you look at each of the elements, individually they could all resemble a poster for the film. They all use colours and elements from the film itself: ‘American Sniper’ uses the idea of a bullet flying through the frame; ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ uses a pink colour scheme to tie in with the colour of the hotel, and uses an illustrative element of moustaches linking the fun element of the film and the fact nearly all male characters have moustaches; and Birdman uses a silhouette style and very strong bold colour palette. All of the designs are very different from the other yet the motion graphics piece seamlessly transition together, to create a unified film.

In terms of the animation style, each of the film titles are animated in a different way which, again, has a theme running close to that of the film: ‘The Theory of Everything’ uses depth as the camera flies through equations, whilst ‘Boyhood’ is a very simple sketched animation on a flat paper texture to represent the progression of the main character.

When it comes to transitions between each of the different films the Motion Graphics Artist has used subtle movement and clever masking. He has picked a key element from each of the films and used this as a point in which to fade through or used it as a mask or ‘dirty wipe’.

Each of the films nominated also has its own individual piece of music, taken from the film and which reflects the style of the piece. All these elements blend together to create a simple yet effective, very well executed piece.

What these titles have shown us is just how powerful simple, clever, well thought-out design, along with well-executed animation, can work just as well as, or even better than, overcomplicating concepts.

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An Animated Oscars
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