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We all remember riding a bike as a kid; all carefree and flying through the streets. They say you never forget, so when it was suggested that we join the Cycle to Work scheme, we all jumped at the opportunity. Some of us already cycled in to work, others took a bit of persuasion and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a brand new bike?

We love our bikes

Safe to say we’ve taken to it like a duck to water - quite literally, since the decision to join the scheme came promptly before we entered into the joys of Scottish winter rain. But the story has a new chapter and with spring well upon us we’ve taken to the streets, country roads, coastal roads and even ventured into a bit of Downhill Mountain biking. It’s fair to say that we all have our individual style but we are united by common goals - get fitter and get greener. So what have we been up to apart from cycling in to work every day?

Well Alastair has led the way (as he should), entering his first competitive ride of the year - the prestigious Etape Caledonia to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. The route is regarded as one of the UK’s leading sportives and attracts over 5,000 cyclists to the area of Pitlochry in Scotland. The course stretches a nice 81 miles and if you have the energy to look up (and the breath to spare) you will have the opportunity to take in some the most astonishing views of the Scottish Highlands. Now, this wouldn’t attract so many competitors if it were merely a scenic tour of the Scottish Highlands – it is a high-octane day of inclines, declines and the whimsical Scottish weather. I think it’s safe to say that Alastair thought of himself as a bricklayer; building up and breaking down walls like a pro, as he churned out the wet and windy miles, managing to finish the race with his head held high and raising over £1,200 for a great cause. Massive congratulations to him and consider the gauntlet thrown down…

Not to be overshadowed by our fearless leader, Calum and I have decided, in our wisdom and, come to think of it, an adrenaline-filled afternoon at Glentress, to cycle the 96 miles of the West Highland Way. Having walked the Way before, I was a bit hesitant at first, but a quick pint, encouraging chat and lapse in judgment later I was planning our route. This is going to be a challenge but who doesn’t like to push themselves right? The route spans from Milngavie to Fort William, taking in the beautiful West Coast of Scotland before culminating the highlands. We’re setting off on Tuesday the 26th of May, giving ourselves four days to complete the task in hand. I’m sure we are going to face a few aches and pains as well as the full force of the unpredictable and Scottish weather. This is going to be a great trip and as we go along we will be taking plenty of snaps and footage of us trudging through the highlands. So, watch this space – I’m sure once the legs and bodies recover there will be a video to share.

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