Event Technology Awards 2017 Shortlist

Event Technology Awards 2017 Shortlist

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Published by Adam Perry on eventindustrynews.com website on 9 November 2017

Event Technology Awards 2017 Shortlist

Need to know how many of your 2,000 delegates are vegetarian or how many need transport from Leeds? Let DelegateManager™ do it for you and revolutionise the delegate registration process forever.

The tool, built by Edinburgh-based 20/20 Productions, has been shortlisted for Best Attendee Management Technology and Best Use of Technology at a Brand Event at the Event Technology Awards 2017.

Staying on top of the latest software, the online event registration system not only eliminates the stresses involved in managing delegate information but increases accessibility and accuracy of information for both event organisers and end users.

In March 2017, DelegateManager™ was utilised at a Standard Life Aberdeen all staff event which saw over 6,000 staff members invited from across 18 countries to prestigious events taking place over three days in Edinburgh and London. Focused on providing an outstanding service, the DelegateManager™ development team worked closely with Standard Life’s communications team to produce a succinct registration process that would efficiently register high volumes of delegates. As a result of using the innovative platform, the DelegateManager™ team managed to significantly increase the speed of the DelegateManager™ Check-In app, improving performance by up to 21x faster – equating to 91.8% overall attendance rate.

“DelegateManager has helped us streamline our end to end delegate management process. It has revolutionised our registration process, making it a slicker and faster experience with a more professional feel,” comments Hazel Ritchie, Standard Life Aberdeen.

This latest technology allows event organisers access to all required delegate data while having the ability to easily create and amend event sessions or venue information, all on a brand-customised interface.

Working in conjunction with the DelegateManager™ platform is the DelegateManager™ Check-In app designed to easily capture attendance for events using delegates’ iPad or iPhone mobile devices, ensuring a seamless check-in process.

DelegateManager™ Check-In app is available on iOS and Android devices from App Store and Google Play. For more information about, visit: https://delegatemanager.com/

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Event Technology Awards 2017 Shortlist
Written by Samantha Wynne

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