Effective event video production

Effective event video production

Event video production can be a great way to extend the reach and value of your event.

As well as capturing the content of your event and being able to broadcast it to audiences who may not be able to attend in person, it also provides a great resource for content marketing and social media engagement.

Creating a post-event video can be a smart investment, as the content is useable not just immediately after the event, but in subsequent months and even years. Throw back to that great event to create nostalgia and reinforce pertinent key messages with audiences or use the content to promote a similar upcoming event.

Here are our best tips for effective event video production. Give it a read - it may just help you at your next event!

Know your brief & have a plan

Understanding what you want is half the battle in creating effective videos. Make sure you have a detailed brief, identify the audience and conclude how the final video will be used.

Next step is to strategise and develop a shot list of key presentations and activities that need to be filmed. Remember to focus on the end viewer, and how best to make them engage with the event and its purpose. Do you need an extended reel of cutaways of audience reactions to mix in to filmed speeches, for example? Or do you need to capture the feel of an evening by filming the venue’s setting, even prior to the audience arriving? Knowing the purpose of your video is vital to effective post event video production.

There are a number of things that can change rapidly at an event, and you can never predict how things will turn out in full. However, when it comes to event video production planning for every eventuality will put you in a better place to mitigate changes from schedule, should they occur.

First, consider the very basics. Where is the event being held? At what time? Do you have a copy of the final event schedule? What is your deadline? In the midst of the event hubbub, these obvious things are the ones that get easily overlooked, but getting them right is so important. Make sure you understand what it is you are expected to capture, allow yourself plenty of time to set up for the event, organise a sound feed, check if there is sufficient power and ensure that you plan to have your edited content ready on time!

Now, think about the variables. Take a ‘what if…’ approach. What if there is inefficient Wi-Fi at the venue if you are livestreaming? What if there is poor lighting? What if the event itinerary changes? Having a plan that is too rigid leaves it likely to fracture should last-minute changes occur, which they invariably do at events. By considering things that might not actually be set in stone, you are much more likely to be able to accommodate them, and still deliver on your brief.

Tell a story

Use your post-event video to tell the story you want. Whether it’s to promote a launch, communicate with employees or promote a future event, make the video engaging if you want it to be effective. 

Human beings love stories – we want to follow a thread from start to finish, learning something along the way. Consider how you can tell the story of the event in a way which will allow attendees to look back at it fondly, continue to absorb information and make those who couldn’t attend feel connected with key messages and excited about attending your next event.

Remember, less is more. If you can drop content that you think people will switch off watching, then do. Quality over quantity is always the best policy.

Gear up

Whatever way you decide to film your event, having the right equipment is essential. 

Check, check and triple check that you have all necessary equipment with you, and consider bringing extra kit to ensure that you have everything you need to capture the event to its fullest, delivering additional video production value.

By fully preparing, making sure you understand how you want the final video to look working with your video brand guidelines, and considering how to weave the storytelling of the key messages and activities of the event into the final edit, you will be sure to create an effective post event video.

Get the professionals in 

There is one sure fire way you can get your post event video production right…and that’s by leaving it to the experts. At 20/20 Productions, we have a team of experienced video producers with specialised experience in events. We fully understand how to make the most engaging event videos, get the most out of your budget and invest in the best tech which is required to do it.

Take a look at our work with CIPD to see what we could do for you.

Sound good? Learn more about our video production services, or get in touch today!

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Effective event video production
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