How to develop a video production brief

How to develop a video production brief

You’ve indentified that video is the right channel for you (if you haven’t, read this), but where do you start? You need to know how to develop a video production brief!

It’s important to ask all of the important questions from the beginning so when you get your finished video, it’s everything you hoped it would be.  As video production experts we’ve pulled together our top tips for developing a video production brief to help you along the way.

Consider the following:


What is the subject of the film and does it have a title? This is important as it sets the tone for the people responsible for producing it as well as the audience who will watch it. This will help when it comes to agreeing what you want to film, and what you want the final video to say.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at some of our video projects.


Who is the target audience? The demographic? How many people will see it? The film should reach the widest audience possible and you need to know who that is. Agreeing on your audience will help later when it comes to emotion and tone.


Where will this be seen?  Make a list of all the possible environments –will it be shown in front of a live audience or is it for use online? Will the video be viewed more than once? Where the video will be used and viewed will have an impact on the production of the video including file size, orientation and content.


Think about the emotions you want to evoke in your audience. What do you want them to feel? Pride, passion, joy, anticipation, surprise, amusement, discovery, unity?  Once you know what emotion you want your video to make your audience feel, you can agree on the tone of the film and how you will stir up these emotions.

Have you considered animation for your next video? 


If your audience could take just one thing away after watching your video, what would you want that to be? Start with no more than six key points and prioritise them according to what is most important to you and your audience. Throughout the planning process always question ‘Are we delivering/supporting our key message?’ This will ensure the final video will achieve its main objective.


How long do you want to use the final video for?  This is important when considering content licensing or any dated elements within the piece.


Video is a great format to deliver your organisation’s visual identiy in an engaging way. Make sure it matches your brand guidelines though. Bring your company VI to life in a customisable film which communicates your brand and message. 


When do you need the film for, and when do you have time to film it? It’s important to consider these aspects from the get go so you have the time to get all of the content you need to make your video a success. This is also when you consider your budget. Think of ways you can make it as cost efficient as possible e.g. filming for several videos in one shoot.


When you embark on video production it’s important you have a clear brief with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. By answering all of these questions you will be on the right path.  At 20/20 Productions, we provide our clients with a film project questionnaire that helps to ascertain what they need and how we can best approach this.

Are you looking for help with your next video? Take a look at what a video production agency can do or contact the team at 20/20 Productions to discuss your requirements!

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How to develop a video production brief
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