The importance of corporate film production

The importance of corporate film production

Video is now the most popular way of consuming information online. It’s not hard to see why – done right, video is engaging and easy to digest. It takes minimal effort for people to watch and share videos, and as a result, organisations who use them are able to reach a wider audience, whatever their message.

But video isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ – as Google becomes more sophisticated, it is prioritising video to reflect consumers’ search habits. Organisations that use high quality videos stand to benefit as a result, as more customers will be directed to their channels.

As an experienced video production team, we know how corporate film production can benefit your business. 


Recruiting the right employees is a real challenge for many organisations. Potential employees want to know why they should work for your organisation and not for one of your competitors. 

Video is a great way to stand out to new recruits. By showcasing the benefits of working for your organisation and demonstrating your company culture, you can easily attract the attention of potential employees. Taking people inside of your organisation before they even attend an interview helps them to visualise what working with you could be like, and establishes a connection between them and your team. 

Remember, you control the narrative. Tell your corporate film production team which messages you want to get across, and encourage them to deliver your message in a creative and engaging way.   

Company promo

Explaining what your company can offer clients or customers is simple with video. By using visually interesting imagery and graphics, you can convey complex messages in a simple and effective manner. Help your customers to understand what you do, and how it can help them by crafting a clear and concise video.

Company promotions can appear on all sorts of platforms – whether that’s on your own central website, your social media channels, or as paid ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. By creating enticing and gripping videos, you can get the word out about your organisation with ease.


Training and development opportunities are seen as one of the largest contributing factors to retaining staff. However, hiring in specialist trainers can be costly and time consuming, meaning not all employees receive the training that they need. When it comes to supporting employees, opting for custom corporate film production provides staff with better training opportunities.

Creating engaging and entertaining training materials provides much more scope for creative learning than in a traditional classroom setting. A strong training video will make your staff feel much more confident in their roles, resulting in increased productivity and a happier workforce.

Social media

Generate a buzz around your organisation by sharing and promoting your videos on social media. They can be as creative, funny or out-there as you want them to be. The more entertaining they are, the more likely people are to engage with your videos and to share them.

This is a fantastic means of reaching audiences that you wouldn’t previously have had access to – an endorsement from an online friend on social media can be a more compelling reason than any other for people to try out your services. 

The benefits of using film to enhance your organisations’ communications are clear. However, a word to the wise - if you plan on using films, make sure they are of a high quality by using a professional service, otherwise you risk giving a poor impression of your organisation!

Looking for engaging corporate films? As an experienced and creative film production company, we can help! Find out more about our film services, or get in touch with the 20/20 Productions team today!

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The importance of corporate film production
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