Top event tech to enhance your event

Top event tech to enhance your event

Event tech is transforming the industry, enabling companies to offer delegates exciting and memorable experiences. With guests now expecting unique benefits when attending events, using the right event tech could make or break your event. 

If you work in the event industry, you already know how competitive it can be – and increasingly so. Event companies and internal events teams now need to do more to stand out, as organisations and delegates expect events professionals to deliver more, for less. Keeping competitive in this sort of environment is almost impossible without a commitment to embracing new event tech.

We’ve been working in event production for over 25 years. Here’s our list of the best event tech…

High resolution screens

We are constantly inundated with messages and information, which makes holding delegates’ attention at events a real challenge. Boring displays or presentations just won’t cut it with today’s audiences as they will quickly lose interest and disconnect with your brand. By using event tech like visually stimulating high resolution screens, you can create intrigue and interest, cutting through the noise to communicate clearly and effectively with your guests. 

At recent large-scale events, we have used a series of large blended screens to display colourful custom graphics. This really elevated the overall feeling of the events, leaving delegates with the impression that they were a part of something special.


The use of video has surged in popularity over a whole host of settings and platforms, and it’s no different in the event industry. In a visual world, video is a fantastic way of engaging audiences and event delegates. If your event features a presentation, or you need to communicate a lot of information in a short space of time, video is the best way to retain your audience’s interest.

At employee engagement events for example, video can be used to update delegates with company news in creative and entertaining ways. This gets people excited about the organisation, and they are more likely to absorb the desired core messaging. 

If you’re showcasing a product at an event, then videos are a clear and concise alternative to live demonstrations. The beauty of video is that you can craft your communications and have full control over what is conveyed. There’s no risk of anyone going off-script or losing their train of thought!

Digital signage 
Responsive digital signage is fast becoming a must-have at events. With the right digital signage platform, you can keep guests updated in real time. This serves to increase your delegates’ connection and engagement with the event itself, enabling them to participate on another level. 

However, a word of caution – if you plan on using digital signage, make sure you are using software that can easily be updated and left to run unmonitored. Otherwise, you may be creating more work for your team! Use digital management content providers like Smoke Signal that can be edited with minimal effort.


Event registration software

There’s no point using fancy technology to engage delegates if the overall running of the event is inefficient! Build-up and arrival are aspects of event management that too many organisations overlook. Make life easier for delegates by providing them with a smooth experience from the offset. 

Delegate frustration tends to arise when there is a lack of available information about the event, and when check-in takes too long. By using event management software solutions like Delegate Manager, you can easily communicate any last-minute changes to your guests, provide them with updates, and even synch events to their phones and computers. At arrival, check-in becomes so much easier, as guests can be welcomed with the touch of a button.

Tech has transformed the events landscape. By working with teams experienced in using innovative event tech, you can offer a professional and memorable service that exceeds the expectations of clients and delegates alike.

Are you thinking about using event tech at your next event? We can help! With buckets of experience in large-scale event production across the globe, we know how to use the latest and most efficient event tech to help you put on the event of your dreams.

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Top event tech to enhance your event
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