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Digital signage design – How to get the most out of your digital signage

Digital signage design – How to get the most out of your digital signage

Are you getting the most out of your digital signage? We’re passionate about effective digital signage design, and we have lots of fun thinking up creative ideas to make digital signage the best for our clients’ events and work spaces.

Digital signage should be used for more than just displaying static messages on screens. Used effectively, the level of interaction and engagement that can be generated is far more than what can be achieved with non-digital options.

Here are some ideas to get you started so that you can maximise the potential of your digital signage:


Launching a new product or discussing a new idea? Add depth and dimension to the conversation by giving your customers the back story.

Digital signage can transition between place holder graphics and videos seamlessly, so that you are able to tell a captivating story and take your viewers along with you. Videos could be filmed with real people or could be in the form of an animated explainer. The choice is yours!

Moving graphics

The beauty of digital signage is that the images don’t have to be static as they do with traditional signage. That means you can get creative with your digital signage design. Got a company logo or a new strapline that needs jazzing up? You can make it pulsate, change colour or even do a cartwheel – there are so many possibilities!

This elevates the display, making your brand or message much more captivating and memorable.

Social Media

If you’re hosting an event, keep people up to date in real time and make people feel a part of it all by displaying their Twitter messages alongside other key event messages. This automatically makes audiences feel more involved and engaged with the event itself, meaning you will be able to generate more interest and excitement for them.

Learn more about innovations like Smoke Signal that can assist you with Twitter integration.

Key notes

Ever been bored at a presentation where the speaker just drones on and on? Was it hard to digest all the information and statistics being thrown at you? Believe us, we’ve all been there!

With effective digital signage design, this can be avoided – use captivating graphics and colour schemes to highlight key messages, findings and statistics.

Being supported by a digital prompt gives presentations a slicker feel, and audiences will no longer need to politely stifle their yawns!


Sure, you may not like to brag, but your digital signage can do it for you!

Display glimmering client testimonials at stakeholder or employee engagement events to generate an air of positivity. Keep these in line with your company’s style and branding to highlight your team’s success and the impact that they have made.

Product demo

Got a new product that’s hard to explain in an elevator pitch? Digital signage can do the talking for you. By creating well-designed, visually stimulating digital demonstrations, customers can absorb what your product is all about without you having to worry about getting your message across effectively.

These are just some of the hundreds of things that you can do with digital signage. That’s the beauty of digital signage – you can constantly try out new designs and displays that captivate and engage.

If you’d like support with your digital signage design, learn more about our creative service, or simply get in touch with our helpful team!

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Digital signage design – How to get the most out of your digital signage
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