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Best new tech 2019 for events

Best new tech 2019 for events

With an influx of new technologies and trends set to take the event industry by storm as we enter a new year, it can be hard to sift through what the best new tech in 2019 will be.

As experienced event professionals, we’ve been producing and managing small and large-scale events for over 29 years. We keep up to date on the latest trends and new technology releases to ensure our events are the best that they can be.

So what new tech does 2019 hold for events?  Let’s take a look.


Collaboration at events is becoming increasingly prevalent. Gone are the days when  audiences were passive spectators at an event: participation and collaboration are now key. 2019 will see the rise of the collaboration platform, which is set to become common place at well-attended events. 

Collaboration platforms, such as Smoke Signal a digital signage product, can facilitate engagement and networking with built-in social media platforms to highlight attendee participation in real-time.

Other collaboration platforms include Eventbrite, DelegateManager and Facebook Live.


Video is a powerful communication tool on websites and on social media platforms as well as at events, helping to drive forward key messages. Of course, using video to engage audiences is not a new idea, but the technology involved in video is ever-developing.

4K filming and editing was introduced in 2017, however it is now becoming more widely used and recognised as the future of video. Clearer and sharper 4K technology can truly bring messages or products to life – even when they are not physically in the room. For example, if a CEO cannot be present at an internal event, a video shot on 4K enhances executive communication to employees. 


The rise of livestreaming is upon us. Live feeds of Q&As, competition reveals, or tutorials are rife on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. This trend towards real-time viewing wherever you are in the world is going nowhere. So why not embrace it at your next event? 

Delegates who can’t attend a particular event due to geographic restrictions can now view the event through livestreaming channels. Or if you have a companywide announcement to make, with teams in different locations, you can deliver your message to everyone at once from one central location with the help of livestreaming.

Thanks to technology advancements, live streams no longer require passive audiences and can encourage interactivity, making it seem as if viewers are at the event in person.


Event organisers are no strangers to the necessity of strong WiFi access at their events – for both themselves and their attendees. The imminent arrival of 5G is set to open up a whole world of possibilities for events.

No longer will we need to rely on WiFi connections for fast-speed loading of videos or collaborative digital signage, 5G has the answer. Did you know 5G is approximately 1000x faster than 4G?

This new high-speed access will give event organisers endless possibilities – allowing them to think outside of the box and incorporate new technologies, such as augmented or virtual reality into event experiences.


Virtual reality is an immersive experience that has been on the rise in recent years, while augmented reality is where reality meets the digital world (think Pokemon Go!).

Event organisers can use virtual reality to immerse attendees in given situations, for example a virtual tour of a factory floor. If holding events in more than one location, VR can be used to make attendees feel like they are all together in one room. The use of augmented reality can add a new dimension to any event, combining the event environement with prepared digital effects, generates interactive and engaging elements for attendees by just using their mobile phones.


Apps are such a big part of our lives, and this is no different in the world of events. It is time event organisers utilise this technology effectively, and many are. More and more events now come with their very own branded apps that hold details of all aspects of the event – before, during and after.

Event planners can utilise branded apps to communicate directly with attendees with event updates, the ability to book sessions, buy tickets or have their say on the agenda. The use of an event app opens up an efficient communication channel with audiences which in turn expands your event’s horizons.


Gone are the days when a simple projection would wow your audiences. Since the advent of 3D projection mapping your creativity can run wild and your audiences will once again be in real awe. But what’s it all about?

Think about a traditional projection -  a moving image on a flat, stationary surface. Now with 3D projection mapping it is possible to project this engaging moving image on to a 3D object without the image becoming distorted. This allows for further creativity and no bounds to what you can project… and where.

In order to create a truly exceptional visual experience for your attendees, consider using 3D projection mapping at your next event.


It’s clear that a lot of new tech and trends are coming forward in 2019, giving us so many options to enhance our events. It’s important to remember not to get caught up in new tech for the sake of it - utilise the best new tech in 2019 for the benefit of your event!


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Best new tech 2019 for events
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