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Corporate event design to impress your guests

Corporate event design to impress your guests

When you’re hosting a corporate event, it’s so important to impress your guests. This means your corporate event design must really stand out from the crowd and get people talking, and you can do this through being creative and clear in the design of your event. There are lots of ways you can boost the standard of your corporate event design – read on to find out what these are.

Event branding

Gone are the days when event branding would only consist of fonts, colours and the company logo. Today’s audiences are looking for new experiences and to be fully immersed in the brand and key messages of your event. It is essential you clearly define your event branding from initial online invite to digital signage to giveaways. In order to create a truly exceptional visual experience for your attendees, consider:

  • Invitations & email signatures

These are often the first interaction that clients will have with your event, so it’s important that your branding is eye catching from the get go. 

  • Stage design

How will you create an experience that will make a lasting impression on your guests?

  • Digital signage

Consider using on-brand signage to provide a cohesive look as well as valuable information for your guests.

  • Speaker slideshows

It is important that any presentaions have the feeling of being a part of your event – not just an add on.

  • Video content

Video often gets stand out because it easily engages audiences, which makes for a great to employ visual communication best practice.  

Customised stage sets

Stage design is an important part of your event planning process, a well-designed presentation area can transform the space into a truly memorable experience for your attendees.

Bring the stage to life for example with lighting, themed props, creative on-screen imagery and engaging technology. Remember to tie in your stage backdrop with your event branding, and bear in mind it’s not there to act as a distraction from event speakers but a visual reinforcement of your event theming.

Blended screens

Using screens or signs are common practice at events - they are eye-catching, can be seen by everyone in the room and are convenient ways of displaying important or relevant information to many people at once.

To increase engagement, particularly at larger scale conferences, awards or speaking events, blended screens are a fantastic addition. Blended screen technology allows the projection of a large, seamless image that can be projected onto a variety of surfaces. It involves overlapping multiple projectors so that the images are feathered to deliver one whole image.

Using blended screen technology, you can create super-sized but still detailed and attractive displays that retain a high image resolution. Your guests will appreciate having a great view of your presentation, with no accompanying loss of clarity or image resolution.


The addition of animated graphics at your corporate event will make for a lasting impression. Capture your guests’ attention from the outset and hold it with mesmerising and creative presentations that incorporate motion graphics.

These can and should be integrated with your existing branding to bring an extra dimension to your visual communication. Animations can really bring your ideas to life, influencing an emotional response from your audience that will ensure that your event is unforgettable.

Smooth check-in

There is nothing like a simple, efficient check in process to get your corporate event off to a great start. Event registration systems such as DelegateManager make the whole process easy – you can access your data from anywhere in the venue, get real-time updates of who has checked in and reduce the risks of any delay.

Technology such as this creates a positive start to your guests’ experience and reduces stress for event organisers – a win-win situation! 


 At 20/20 Productions, we are experts in helping you to elevate your corporate event design through smart technology techniques. We know that a memorable corporate event can do more than just show off your brand – it can create tangible business opportunities too.

 Interested in finding out more about video production and how this can benefit your business? Get in touch with the 20/20 Productions team today.


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Corporate event design to impress your guests
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