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Digital trends in 2019

Digital trends in 2019


The tech world is ever-expanding. Digital innovations transform the industry as we know it every year, so what are the 2019 digital trends?

These changes have wide-reaching implications across many sectors, and the opportunities they present are vast.

Although the latest digital trends are rarely adopted in a wide-spread manner immediately, keeping up with the latest trends in the sector is important, so that we know how we can best support our clients now and in the future.  

If you want to keep up to date too, then read our blog. Here’s how we see digital trends in 2019 impacting digital services over the next year…


Although there have been murmurings that websites will soon cease to function as an organisation’s ‘front door’, thanks to the rise of social platforms like Instagram, these seem to have quietened down, and for the near future at least, websites are here to stay.

That said, websites will continue to change shape in 2019, and we will see some exciting new developments hitting the mainstream over the next few months.

Videos will become an increasingly important part of website design, with everything from home pages to ‘about us’ sections increasing in video content. This trend will only continue as Google encourages developers to mark-up video content with ‘structured data to make Google Search an entry point for discovering and watching videos.’ For companies hoping to attract customers to their websites through content marketing and SEO endeavours, video-heavy content will become much more important.

Mobile-friendly websites continue to rise in popularity, with a real push for better experiences for mobile and tablet users. This involves simplification of layout design, and fewer actions and clicks necessary for easy navigation.

With excellent customer service still a huge pull for paying customers, we expect to see even more companies investing in sophisticated chatbots that can respond to and even anticipate customer queries efficiently. More human-like responses, simpler solutions to queries and self-teaching chatbots that learn at a fast rate to enhance their service will all be commonplace by the end of the year.


Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

2018 was a good year for AR. Companies started waking up to the fact that AR can add true value to their products and services, rather than merely being an amusing but frivolous add-on.

We saw how AR could enhance opportunities for training and education, in a way that engages participants in active learning, rather than restricting them to the role of passive spectators.

This is something we see continuing into 2019, with companies welcoming more creative applications of AR to their training programmes. We see real opportunity for bespoke AR and MR-led education initiatives that capture companies’ brand and ethos, as well as providing more engaging learning opportunities for their staff.

In addition to learning opportunities, AR is a fantastic way to allow people to ‘try out’ a product or service. We’ve seen how apps like Ikea’s ‘Place’ are transforming the customer experience. At retail shows and consumer events in 2019, AR will be a great way to show off your product’s capabilities without need for a large amount of space, or the need to consider the logistics of transportation.

Finally, the emphasis on experiences is here to stay, with many looking to be entertained and engaged with their favourite company or brands’ key messages. This allows for huge creative potential, with opportunities to create dynamic and captivating AR and MR experiences for both customers and as part of corporate communication initiatives. Expect to see interactive AR challenges cropping up in team bonding events and at popular tourist destinations.


The digital signage sector seems to transform every year. In 2018, we saw an increase in interactivity, and with more opportunities for AI integration, sensors and responsive software, we expect to see the boundaries of what can be achieved with digital signage pushed to its limits again in 2019.

Personalisation will also be a key development in digital signage over the coming year. AI developments mean that signs will be able to display content that may be more relevant to certain demographics, based on factors like gender and age. This offers further opportunities to connect with audiences – be they customers, employees or other stakeholders - on a deeper level.


The increase in speed that 5G will bring about (about 1000x faster than 4G) has many futurologists predicting that it will change the world as we currently know it. Faster internet means better connectivity between people, as well as between IoT products.

Although 5G isn’t expected to be rolled out for the everyday consumer until 2020, 2019 will be the year when we begin to fully understand the potential of 5G, and how it will impact the way we operate.

For example, 5G could significantly influence the way we communicate. In the business world, this could mean much better potential for distance working, as clearer and faster video calling will make it feel like the person is in the room with you. This also makes collaboration between teams all over the world more plausible.


2019 promises to be another exciting year for digital trends and developments. We’re looking forward to seeing how many of our predictions play out, and, as these technologies develop, how we can best use them to enhance our digital services for our clients.

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Digital trends in 2019
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