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The benefits of video marketing

The benefits of video marketing

One of the benefits of video marketing over other forms of marketing is that video is increasing in popularity. In fact, by 2020, video is expected to consume just under 80% of all internet traffic. That makes it the ideal marketing tool, particularly for companies that need to communicate a new product or service, or new businesses struggling to stand out in a  crowded marketplace.

Video enables you to reach a wider audience, to keep them engaged for longer, and ultimately to drive more sales.

But how can your business reap the benefits of video marketing? Here are just some ways…

Video makes things simple

Have you ever struggled to communicate exactly what your company does? Maybe your product or service is difficult to explain in just a few words, or it’s something that many are unfamiliar with? 

People like videos because they convey complex messages in bite-size, easy-to-understand and succinct chunks.  According to Wistia, videos under 2-minutes in length get the most engagement. Having a visual reference to support explainer audio gives clarity to your key marketing messages, and this way, you are much more likely to hold a potential customer’s attention and have them remember your company long after the video has ended.

Video enables you to build relationships

People buy from people – that is, they buy from trustworthy sources, rather than from faceless organizations. Videos work well for companies by creating a human link between seller and buyer. This element of humanization is vital, especially if your product of service is technical, as scientific or specialized explanations can alienate your customers if not communicated in an engaging way.

Using a video which explains how your organization can benefit the buyer and the real-life value your product or service can bring is a way of building insight and trust between you and your customer.

Take a look at this explainer video we made for our event management software, DelegateManager:

Video gets cut-through on social media

Did you know that, according to Animoto, US consumers’ favourite type of branded content on social media is video? That means that audiences are much more likely to engage with your social media presence if you’re posting videos, over any other type of content.

Remember, your audience is likely to be very busy, and is constantly exposed to branded messaging – so, if you can make yours stand out by using a preferred format, you’re much more likely to get the cut-through and the results you want.   

If you’re using social media for your brand, consider incorporating it as part of your video marketing strategy to boost engagement and visibility amongst your target audiences.

Video helps boost sales

So, video can help you easily communicate the benefits of your product or service, build trust amongst your network and increase your engagement on social media. That’s all well and good – but what about your bottom line? It’s good news on this front too, as according to HubSpot, videos can increase conversions up to 80% when embedded onto a landing page.


Introducing a video is a great way of enhancing your business performance. It’s important to bear in mind however that the video you are producing must be of good quality. That means learning how to capture great video content or working with a professional video production team that knows how to create captivating video content.

Not sure if introducing video to your marketing strategy is right for you, and would like to find out more about the benefits of video marketing? Get in touch with our helpful team who will be able to discuss your business requirements.

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The benefits of video marketing
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