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The importance of user experience for brands

The importance of user experience for brands

User experience design is all about creating an experience, usually on a digital platform like an app or website, that your end-user finds easy and enjoyable.

Designing a positive user experience (or UX) allows your audience to interact with your product or service in a way that is as simple and intuitive for them as possible. Essentially, you’re making your product more accessible, so that more people can use it with ease and keep coming back to you for the service – over time, this increases trust in a brand, product or company.

Audience retention

User experience is one of those things that nobody really pays much attention to until it goes wrong. Often, the user’s experience is subliminal. Nobody is going to navigate your website thinking to themselves, “I’m having a thoroughly enjoyable user experience right now.” They might, however, think, “that was easier than I thought it was going to be” or “those instructions were simple to follow.” If this is the case, then you’re likely to keep your audience engaging with your app or website for longer – this can often lead to repeat custom.

On the other side of the coin, users navigating a digital service with poor UX design might ask themselves, “why do I have to create an account to learn more about this company’s services?” or “why is this website so confusing to navigate?”. In cases like these, potential customers are unlikely to wait around for very long to find the answers – they’ll simply look elsewhere for someone offering a faster solution to their problem. Given the sheer number of digital products vying for users’ attention, it’s imperative to provide them with an experience that encourages them to align themselves with your brand - not someone else’s.

Customer perception

The user experience you offer your customers says a lot about your brand. In a high street shop, your customer-facing staff inform people’s impression of your entire company – the more helpful they are, the stronger your brand’s reputation. If, however, they are reluctant to help, then the brand may be perceived as ineffective, behind the times or even a bit useless.

Think about your UX design like a digital customer adviser – is it making life easier for the user? If so, then it’s likely that your brand will garner a positive reputation with customers.

Getting results

Why did banks roll out contactless card payments? They wanted to make it as easy as possible for their customers to spend money. It’s the same reason that tea comes in bags and shops have escalators – people want simple solutions to inconveniences of whatever proportion, and they’re willing to support brands that can offer them. As a result, brands stand to get the results they want and grow their customer base when they enhance their user experience.

Whatever your goal, offering a UX that simplifies action-taking on your website, app or digital service makes it a lot easier for your brand to engage with its customers and therefore achieve results.

There are many ways that providing a positive user experience can be good for your brand. Keep it consistent, simple and convenient, and you’ll soon start seeing results.

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The importance of user experience for brands
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