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Best Internal Communication Tools

Best Internal Communication Tools

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As technology dominates our personal lives with the latest iPhone or the updated Alexa software, so too does technology in our work life.

Internal communication is one area of a business where adopting the latest tools or technologies is vital to its success. Employees have high expectations of how their company interacts with them, because of what they have come to expect in every other aspect of their lives.

Here are some of the best internal communications tools available today…

Internal video

More and more employers understand that company culture, values and forecasts can be communicated quickly and innovatively via video. This saves time and inspires rather than bores your team.

Video can not only be shown at meetings and conferences, but also consumed in your employees own time. Content of this kind is much more likely to be taken in than a long-winded written company update, and can be much more creative.

If you’re using video as one of your internal communications tools, you need to consider getting the professionals in. Nothing will switch off employees faster than a badly produced video.


With more companies embracing remote and flexible working, the need for clear and accessible internal communication has never been more important. A company intranet can be used to keep all employees updated on company goings-on.

If using an intranet channel, ensure it is kept up to date and the content is engaging. You want to ensure your employees return to find out more, and they will switch off quickly if there is nothing interesting to watch, read or listen to.

Group messaging

As with an intranet channel, it can be useful to have a group messaging or chat function within your company. This can help to keep even remote employees up to speed with the whole team.

These channels can be used to communicate company-wide messages, project updates or even social happenings. By setting up relevant groups you can easily start a conversation that your whole company can join in.

Group messaging is a great internal communications tool for making your employees feel like an important part of your company. It is also great for two-way communication, giving instruction and update but also receiving feedback.

There are several ways you can do this, including the CRM chat functions, Skype or Whatsapp.


When you want your teams to know how much you value them, don’t just tell them, show them. Engage employees by putting on a unique event for them.

An event can encompass lots of different aspects of internal communications, from engaging your employees to keeping them updated on company news and showing how much you appreciate them.

Events can be big, or small. But they must always give your employees something. Whether that’s an unforgettable experience or a valuable piece of information. Your event needs to deliver.

Needing some inspiration for your next internal event? Take a look at what we did with Standard Life Investments.

Digital signage

By displaying clear and readable digital signs in communal areas, you can easily get messages to your employees quickly, letting them know about the latest company wins, changes and opportunities.

Digital Signage is not one of those essential internal communications tools, but it is a great tool to have at your disposal when communicating with your employees.

Take a look at our innovations and learn more about our very own digital signage – Smoke Signal.

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Best Internal Communication Tools
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