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How to measure the success of your internal communications strategy

How to measure the success of your internal communications strategy

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How to measure the success of your internal communications strategy

It’s no secret that happy employees are more engaged and therefore more productive, producing better business results.

By now we know that internal communication is a key business driver. So, you’ve researched your audience, planned your internal communications strategy and implemented it. What next? Find out if it has worked!

Measurement is a key process that should be adopted as part of your internal communications from the get go. There is little point putting in the man hours into a detailed and targeted strategy if your employees are not getting anything out of it. After all, the sole purpose of any internal communications strategy is employee engagement.

We’ll take you through some of the simple steps you can implement to measure the success of your hard work.

Monitor engagement levels

If you send an e-newsletter with a company update, track the open rate and the clicks. Make a call, is this working for you?

If you hold an all-employee event to communicate some of the latest company changes, take a look around the room. Does everyone look engaged? And invested in what you’re saying and how you’re saying it? Yes – great, you’re on the right track. No – rethink for next time.

With any monitoring, don’t forget to record your findings. Compile a document with what has worked and what hasn’t as this will help when you go to make changes or update your internal communications strategy.

Ask and survey

Want to find out for sure if your internal communications strategy is hitting the mark? Actually asking your employees will give you the best results. However, this can be done in multiple ways, from an anonymous online survey to a direct approach.

An online anonymous survey can be shared with all employees and enables them to comment on recent internal communications activity without being identified, often resulting in more honest feedback.

During one-to-one meetings, take the time to ask employees directly how they hear about company updates or whether they are receiving any comms at all.

Another tactic is to set up a focus group. Get a group of employees together (from different departments and different age groups) and get them talking about internal communications. They will reveal what has worked from them and what hasn’t. You may find that one employee or department knows more than the others, that means how you are communicating is working with some but not all. Find out why.

When you’ve been through airport security and you are given the chance to rate your experience with a series of smiley face buttons, is it possible to recreate this at the end of an all-company meeting? Employees can quickly log their satisfaction with the internal communications strategy and you can learn a lot.

Act on the results!

Perhaps the most important step in the measurement of your internal communications strategy – learn from your findings and act on them.

If you discover one aspect is working way better than another then increase this activity or utilise that channel more. Or if one department is more engaged with the other, change the way you communicate between each department.

Don’t forget to ask your employees how they rate the latest internal communications activities and keep it relevant.

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How to measure the success of your internal communications strategy
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