Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Annual Conference & Exhibition 2014

William the Conqueror and the Throne
Cliff Richard and his Knighthood
The CIPD and 20/20 Productions

What do all these things have in common? An unfailing 20 year relationship. Last November saw us at Manchester Central for the 2014 flagship event, which attracted over 4,000 international delegates.

With seven different theatres (audience sizes ranging from 200 to 1,600) running concurrently, and over 100 guest speakers from across the globe, the technical, logistical and content-wrangling challenges in this event were tremendous.

It’s the sort of challenge we love, and our team produced the expert logistics and planning that make events like this a success.

This event inspired our Smoke Signal conference information management system, and this year we introduced the new and updated version. It’s a flexible platform, streaming information throughout the conference halls and highlighting all aspects of the three-day event, from helpdesk information to the day's highlights. Rolling, dynamic, multi-media content was created to display information about the conference sessions, workshops and features within the exhibition area. We also incorporated live twitter feeds, allowing delegates to upload their comments for everyone to see, bringing the event into the digital age and giving the freedom to contribute towards the conference in a modern way.

We take the fact that we have produced this event for 20 years as a sign that we must be doing something right!

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