5 top ways to communicate with your employees

5 top ways to communicate with your employees

When it comes to communicating with your employees, it’s vital you get it right to keep an engaged and productive workforce.

According to focus group Engage for Success, businesses with the highest engagement scores were 18% more productive than those with low engagement.

By communicating well with your employees, you can make them feel valued in the company, keep them up to date and encourage engagement.

Read on for our 5 top ways to communicate with your employees that you can implement today.

Internal events

Instead of just telling your employees how much you value them, show them - use internal events in your employee communication strategy to help you show how much you appreciate their hard work.

An event can encompass lots of different aspects of internal communications and is a great way to communicate with your employees. Events can be used to reward your employees or keep them updated on company news.

Whether big or small, they must always give your employees an unforgettable experience or a valuable piece of information. 

Needing some inspiration for your next internal event? Take a look at what we did with Standard Life Investments and the British Lions.

Engaging video

Increasingly employers have identified that video is a great way to communicate company culture, values and forecasts quickly and innovatively to employees. This saves time and inspires rather than bores your team. 

Video can not only be shown at meetings and conferences, but can also be consumed on an individual basis. Content like this is much more likely to be taken in than long written company updates, plus video allows for much more creativity.  

If you’re using video as one of your internal communications tools, you need to consider getting the professionals in.  Nothing will turn employees off faster than a badly produced video. 

Digital signage

By displaying clear and readable digital signs in communal areas, you can easily get messages to your employees quickly, letting them know about the latest company wins, changes and opportunities.

Communicating in this way is ideal for company-wide announcements, but never for anything of a sensitive nature.

Digital signage, such as Smoke Signal, can also be used by employees so they can share their own content. 

Face to face

Never underestimate the power of a one-to-one meeting. In today’s workplace it can seem like technology is overpowering every action and interaction, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Sometimes a good old-fashioned meeting or one-to-one review with an employee can be the best way to communicate.

Coupled with events or video content, never forget that a personal touch is needed when communicating with your employees.

Ask for feedback… and act

During these face to face meetings it is important to ask for feedback from your employees. This shows that you care about the way you are communicating with them and value their input.

Pursuing employee feedback is pretty much an essential – whether you distribute a survey at the end of an internal meeting asking for feedback or do so anecdotally in a one-to-one scenario. However, don’t just ask for feedback - act on it too. Take on the feedback and make the necessary updates or changes to your communication, or if you don’t, then let your employees know why. 

Whatever way you choose to communicate with your employees, you must remember that it should be engaging, relevant and informative.


Do you want to discuss your requirements for communicating with your employees? Get in touch with our expert team to find out how 20/20 Productions can help.

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5 top ways to communicate with your employees
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