Effective event planning and managing

Effective event planning and managing

Want to wow your delegates? Need to show your boss or clients some impressive results? Whatever the goal, if you put on events, they need to be organised to a tee.

If you’re an event professional, you’ll know just how much effort goes into getting things right. You need to zoom in on tiny details, consider all sorts of scenarios, put yourself in the mindset of your guests, all the while asking whether what you’re doing is providing value for money for your client…piece of cake!

Although running an effective event certainly takes effort, there are things that you can do to make the planning and managing of your event a lot easier. We’ve detailed some of the best tips for running a successful event below...


We love it when a plan comes together – but what can be planned for, and how can you make sure things go to plan? Here are some important things to consider.

Keep track of your delegates

This might sound obvious, but knowing who will be attending your event is one of the biggest parts of event planning…there’s no point in putting an event on without knowing who it’s for! By knowing the number of delegates and their demographics, you’ll be able to tailor an effective programme that works for them.

But it’s not always that simple – when delegates cancel at short notice, or the client suddenly adds twenty more people to the list, it’s difficult to keep track – if you don’t have an up to date database, things can go wrong.

We recommend opting for an online registration system that will automatically update based on responses to digital invites. This means you’ll always be ahead of the curve, and know exactly who’s going to be at your event, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Key messages

Think of your event as a message. You need to understand who you’re talking to and what you want to tell them. For example, at a conference, you might want investors to know why you’ve acquired a new company as part of your organisation. Or at an internal engagement event, you might want to get across your fun and energised company culture to new employees.

Once you’ve settled on what you want to say to your delegates, you’ll need to work out how you’re going to say it. Do you need gripping video graphics to hold attention? An inflatable obstacle course in the middle of your venue to excite your team? Get creative with your method, all the while keeping your key message in mind.

Hope for the best...

… but plan for the worst. Think of things that could go wrong at your event, and create contingency plans to overcome those issues.

What happens if you lose your venue? What’s your plan if there is a power failure? What if your key speaker pulls out at the last minute? You can’t plan for every eventuality, but by considering potential issues as best you can, you improve your chances of overcoming them should they take place.

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Now that you’ve planned, it’s time to get the most out of the event itself. Here are some tips to help your event go smoothly, and maximise the results.

Don’t keep them in line

We all know how tedious waiting to get into an event can be – particularly if the organisers are… disorganised. Check-in should go smoothly – waiting for ages can really dampen the mood and spoil the overall enjoyment of the event itself.

Consider using a check-in app to speed up the process so that your guests can continue their positive event experience. 

Get engaging

Events are always more successful if guests have been made to feel an important part of them. Show your delegates it’s all about them by keeping them engaged.

Consider using responsive digital signs that display attendees’ social messages. Hire a photographer or videographer, and send out the results the next day. Host interactive discussions, or showcase an exclusive product or service that no one else has seen before. In short, make your attendees feel unique and valued.

By planning effectively and using the right technology, you’ll have the right formula to plan and manage a winning event.

If you’d like some support with your event production, get in touch with a member of our team here.

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Effective event planning and managing
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