Internal Communications Trends for 2018

Internal Communications Trends for 2018

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Internal Communications Trends for 2018

Attitudes towards internal communications are changing, as are the tools that are available to us. So, what does 2018 hold? Here 20/20 Productions explore what internal communications trends we should all be aware of in the year ahead.

1. Video

Video is by no means a new phenomenon within internal communications, and the best and brightest in the industry are already using video to communicate effectively with their employees. However, the trend is set to continue in 2018.

Bundling employees into a crowded conference room and lecturing them on plans for the year ahead no longer hits the mark. And with an increasing number of employees working different hours or from different locations, a way of communicating that can be more easily consumed is much-needed.

More and more employers understand that company culture, values and forecasts can be communicated quickly and innovatively via video. This saves time and inspires rather than bores your team.

Our top tip: If you’re going to use video, make sure you know what you’re doing, or bring in someone who does. Done right, videos are snappy and engaging. Done wrong and, well… do we need to remind you of these 80s and 90s abominations?

2. Digital Signage

Leave the daily newsletter in 2017 and keep staff updated in real time. Sometimes you just need to update your teams quickly. And whilst email newsletters do still have their time and place, they’re more likely to be missed by busy employees.

By displaying clear and readable digital signs in communal areas, you can easily get messages to your employees quickly, letting them know about the latest company wins, changes and opportunities.

Our top tip: Keep it simple. Try not to exceed two or three important messages in a single display – otherwise, you risk turning off your employees. The beauty of digital signage is that messages can be updated quickly, so there’s no need to overload the screen with too much information. Take a look at Smoke Signal to find out more.

3. Two-way Communication

In 2018, we predict a back-to-basic approach for many organisations who may have been side swept by too many new industry developments and gadgets in the past.

It’s easy to forget the true purpose of internal communications, which is of course employee engagement and satisfaction.

Measure employee satisfaction by asking them! Internal communications should be a dialogue, not a monologue, so put processes in place that make it easier for your employees to give feedback.

Our top tip: Show you’re listening by telling your team when you’ve acted on feedback. You can easily communicate this through digital signage!

4. Experiential perks

In recent years, it has become clear that millennials place a higher value on experiences than any other generation. So, with millennials set to make up over 75% of the workforce by 2025, it makes sense that more organisations will reflect this in their internal communications strategy.

When you want your teams to know how much you value them, show them. Don’t tell. Engage employees by putting on a unique event for them.

Our top tip: Think outside of the box. Millennials value unique experiences. With a bit of creative thought, your workforce will be telling all their friends about the benefits of working for your organisation.

5. Tech for togetherness

With more companies set to embrace remote and flexible working, the need for clear and accessible internal communication has never been more important.

How do you put company values and culture into practice when much of your workforce is rarely in the same place?

Tailor-made tech is a great solution. Companies are working to provide desktop and mobile apps that facilitate collaboration and cohesion for increasingly agile workers.

Our top tip: Using too much tech can be overwhelming and confusing, which completely defeats the purpose! Keep your tech tools simple, streamlined and straightforward, and make sure that they meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Want to talk internal communications trends? Get in touch with 20/20 Productions to discuss how we can help you with your internal communications strategy in 2018.

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Internal Communications Trends for 2018
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