Internships: A day in the life of a 20/20 Productions intern

Internships: A day in the life of a 20/20 Productions intern

At 20/20 Productions, we are passionate about our people and nurturing talent. That’s why we support internships and placement opportunities in our business throughout the year.

Joining us from the US, 20-year old Katie LaGuardia made the decision to study abroad and gain hands on experience at a Scottish business. Now halfway through her six-month internship, she has found her rhythm in the busy digitalevent and film production office.

Find out what our internships are all about and what a day is like for a 20/20 Productions intern…


I live just a short commute from work, so I take the bus and normally arrive at the office sometime just before 9:00. My desk is located in a large, open plan office where most of my colleagues work, so I get to see everyone when they come in and hear about their weekend or evening.

I always check my 20/20 email account when I get to the office, and I try to organise myself for the day by making a checklist of the tasks I need to accomplish.


Every Monday, there is a team-wide meeting that allows everyone to get together and catch up on all the latest activity. One of my responsibilities is to make sure the minutes are displayed on the monitor upstairs, so this is done just before everyone arrives.

I learn so much during these meetings, and I think it is a great way for all of the 20/20 Productions teams to hear about the projects each department is currently working on.


During the rest of the morning, I usually complete my regular tasks, which include processing receipts and invoices and reconciling account transactions on the company accounting software. I also work on updating various excel spreadsheets that track company and project costs.


It is easy to lose track of the time when I am working on these assignments, so I am always surprised when lunchtime rolls around.

Most days, I bring a salad or sandwich from home, so I go upstairs to the kitchen to get my food out of the refrigerator and find a seat in the common area. Lunch is a great time to socialise and just relax before the second half of the day begins. After everyone is finished eating we play foosball. I have to admit that I am not very good, but occasionally I can be persuaded to play a game or two. Otherwise, I cheer my colleagues on as they play!


In the afternoon, I typically address some of the longer-term projects I have been given. As a Business Administration student, I have been working very closely with Emma Nelson, the 20/20 Productions Office Manager.

Over the past three months, she has been teaching me the ins and outs of the company and what must be done to keep operations running smoothly. One of my current projects involves updating the filing system that 20/20 Productions uses to streamline the data storage to be compliant with the upcoming GDPR changes.


Although I do not drink coffee in the mornings, on long days or if the weather is rainy (which is quite often in Edinburgh!), I will sometimes make a cup in the afternoon to keep my energy up. I also try to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day, so I keep my water bottle next to me on my desk. This helps me stay focused and work proactively on the task at hand.


Because I am a student, in addition to being a 20/20 Productions intern, I leave the office mid-afternoon to make it to class on time. I try to find a good stopping point in my work so that it is easy to pick back up the following day, and I always make the point of asking Emma if there is anything else I can do before I leave.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and all the time that has been taken to train me, so I definitely want to show my appreciation. I love interning at 20/20 Productions because the work is constant, every day poses its own challenges, and the people are incredible. I can’t wait to continue learning in this position!

Interested in taking up a position at 20/20 Productions in our internships programme? Drop us an email and tell us why you think you’d make the perfect addition to the team!

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Internships: A day in the life of a 20/20 Productions intern
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