Internships Edinburgh

Internships Edinburgh

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Internships Edinburgh: why we invest in our young people

Young people are the lifeblood of 20/20 Productions – we strongly believe that nurturing talent from an early stage has many benefits for the industry and the growth of the business.

Working closely with Scottish Universities, we are lucky enough to welcome some fantastic individuals to the 20/20 Productions team every year as part of our internship programme.

Giving interns an early glance into work life and setting them on the right path is what we love to do and many of the interns we work with have gone on to secure full-time positions with us in our digital and production teams.

All the way from North Carolina USA, 20-year-old Katie LaGuardia will be joining us for six months to learn the ropes of the business by shadowing our amazing office manager, Emma Nelson.

Currently studying Business Administration at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, Katie is hoping an internship with 20/20 Productions will shape her future career choices and enhance her experience.

While she is in Edinburgh Katie will be taking classes at Napier University and working two days a week at 20/20 Productions.

Find out what Katie has to say about how she found the 20/20 Productions internship and what her experience in the Scottish capital has been so far…

Katie LaGuardia

How did you get your internship with 20/20 Productions?

"My university works with Education Programmes Abroad (EPA), which assists students in finding internship placements and living arrangements while studying abroad. I submitted a cover letter and CV, had a phone interview with MD Alastair Scott, and happily accepted the internship position at 20/20 Productions."

What appealed to you about an internship with 20/20 Productions?

I love the idea of creativity and innovation, but I chose to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Interning at 20/20 Productions seems like the perfect way to surround myself with creative work while remaining primarily involved in the business-related activity of the company. And I am hoping to learn at least a little more about film, design, and digital communication while I am here."

What does your role at 20/20 Productions involve?

I am working directly with Emma to assist with invoice and receipt processing, reconciling transactions, updating expense spreadsheets, and other various accounting tasks. I am also assisting the team at 20/20 Productions become compliant with GDPR before it comes into effect in May."

What are your future career plans?

I am hoping that the experience I gain while interning will help me solidify my ideas of the future. I am most interested in marketing consultation and management, but I am keeping an open mind. Ideally, I will get my MBA and find a position where I can work directly with clients and collaborate with others."

How will the experience you gain at 20/20 Productions help with these plans?

Being in an environment where effective communication is vital will likely be very beneficial as I move into the business world. I will also have more hands-on experience working in an office and learning about the daily tasks required to keep a company running successfully.

I think this is an incredible opportunity, and I am looking forward to spending more time with all of the talented people who work here."

Want to find out more about 20/20 Productions internships Edinburgh? Get in touch now to find out about our career opportunities.

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Internships Edinburgh
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