One Team COnference

The purpose of this event was to bring 300 reputable, experienced financial professionals from across the UK together for the first time, with a focused programme of activities and sessions under the theme:

One Team. One Vision. One Goal.

Held at the BT Murrayfield Rugby Stadium, the event was designed to make the attendees connect as ‘One Team’ whilst recognising their individual importance and value within the overall 1825 team.

After a general introduction, the attendees were divided into three sub-groups of 100 for a more engaging experience. Throughout the day, interactive activities in small ‘pods’ around the venue helped everyone to get acquainted, whilst quizzes and lunchtime challenges created some friendly competition encouraging teamwork. The format of the event also gave delegates the opportunity to interact directly with their MDs, for an invaluable teambuilding experience.

It was a complete hit with the attendees:

“The production quality of the conference was outstanding and we had an overwhelmingly positive response from our colleagues. The event boosted everyone’s passion, pride and enthusiasm and really helped to gel 1825 together as one team. Thank you 20/20 for all your professionalism and commitment.”
Mairi Thomson, Project Team at 1825

We provided full creative support including theming, stage and pod design, technical support for main presentation area, three pods and dining area as well as filming the event.

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